my weddings

my weddings
your love story

Each love story is unique and it has to be narrated.

Weddings are fairy tales and they has to be told, through photos and videos. Like a very fable, each wedding protagonist is photographed during his daily routine, in post-wedding services and during his wedding day.

Like a narrator, I take photo and represent the location, the spontaneous and more bizarre situations, the emotions of the spouses and their guests, relatives and friends with tears in their eyes, which is the more noble feelings’ expression.

Analiza and Fabio

Wedding in Las Palmas, California

Anna and Antonino

Wedding in Palermo

Elvira and Flavio

Wedding in Marettimo, Trapani, Sicily

Brianna and Emanuele

Wedding at Baglio Oneto in Marsala, Trapani, Sicily

Elisa and Mauro

Post Wedding in Marettimo, Trapani, Sicily

Annalisa and Alessandro

Wedding in Favignana, Trapani, Sicily

Cristina and Fabrizio

The wedding at Tonnara Florio in Favignana, Trapani, Sicily

Michela and Alessandro

Wedding in Trapani, Sicily

Maria Stella and Raffaele

Wedding in Custonaci, Trapani, Sicily

Giovanna and Paolo

Wedding between Trapani and Favignana, Sicily

Veronica and Daniele

Wedding in the city of the wind, Trapani, Sicily

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