Rosario Campo Photographer

Rosario Campo is the only Italian Wedding Photographer to get on the podium of the PWS Convention, Edition 2020

For the first time, an Italian photographer, Rosario Campo, won the second place at the “PWS Photo Wedding Stories Convention 2020”, in the category Wedding Photojournalism; he also won the sixth place in the same category.

Salonicco, December, 28 2020 – Rosario Campo won the podium of the “PWS Convention 2020“. It is a world wide photography community established in 2009, based in Salonicco, Greece. The award has been annouced online and it is visible on the official website of the Competition.

Rosario Campo is the only Italian Wedding Photographer to get on the podium of the PWS Convention, Edition 2020 2 SINGOLA SICILIANWEDDING rosariocampo sicily weeding photografer portfolio - Rosario Campo Fotografo per Matrimoni

Rosario Campo who is member of the PWS World Photographic Community, has received the prestigious award in the category “Wedding Photojournalism”, a category which selects and rewards photojournalists.

The Wedding photojournalist aims to photograph what happens, as it happens and be as faithful as possible to reality. In weddings, the bride and groom and all the other participants must be completely authentic, feel free to do what they want, when they want; the photos must be completely spontaneous.

Working as a photojournalist is more complicated than the “classical” photographer: the photojournalism requires mastery of techniques that are not easy to use and constant attention.

Attention to the angle, to the lights and the colours. We have to immerse ourselves in the moment, live the emotions, be always ready to immortalize a spontaneous kiss, a hug, the tears of the guests, the yawn of a child.

A good photojournalist must be able to narrate a story through every picture. The photographer is like a narrator who knows the main characters (the newlyweds), the location, the other characters (the guests). From these ones photographer can recreate not only a real script (the wedding day from the beginning to the end), but also the love story narrated in a day or better in the most important day, the Wedding day when the main protagonist is the Love.

Rosario Campo whose photography studio is specialized for Wedding has 20 years of experience. The wedding photographer aims the authenticity of his shooting, the storytelling of the most important day of any couple and the empathy that has become almost an immediate consequence.